Our campaign

We created a campaign that uses understandable lexicon and first-of-their kind CGI animations of babies to educate caregivers on the critical warning signs in infants without causing distress.

We reached our audiences via a suite of localized print and digital assets and used Europe-wide traffic driving activities across our omnichannel campaign to ensure our message was heard.

We pushed boundaries to emotively bring a crucial story to life with clear and direct call-to-actions; ultimately accelerating identification of this rare genetic disease, creating a sense of urgency without causing alarm.


So far our communications achieved:

Evidence shows that PCPs are visiting our website and staying there, meaning the importance of urgency and education is being communicated to them.

Beyond the statistics, our insightful communications have resulted in a baby being diagnosed after their parents saw our campaign — an outcome that reminds us why we do what we do.


Reflecting the patient voice

Orphan drug launch

Transforming standard of care