Our campaign

We collaborated with patient associations to
co-create an emotive campaign that uses art created by a person with the disease, and real patient stories to build awareness and empower education and action.

By reflecting the patient voice and perspective through our multi-media campaign that was rolled out across Europe, we were able to raise awareness of the symptoms, journey to diagnosis, treatment pathways as well as emotionally support both patients and carers.

Our unique partnerships with multiple patient associations across Europe allowed content to be created not just for, but by, patients – truly reflecting their often-forgotten voice.


Our co-creation campaign increased awareness of this rare disease and maximised reach to the often-isolated patient population.

We provided both the patient and carer communities with resources and materials of value.

We reflected the patient voice and perspective and the reality of living with this condition through first-person testimonials.

Hx in practice

Patient identification

Accelerating time to diagnosis

Orphan drug launch

Transforming standard of care