Understanding 5 human factors

Hx allows us to understand the lived experiences, motivations and capabilities that influence behaviours, and identify opportunities for our brands to add true value and make a difference.

We tap into the 5 universal factors that make up the human experience to fully immerse ourselves in our audiences’ experiences, while considering who they are beyond being 'patient’, 'physician' or 'caregiver' alone.


Hx in practice
  • Jean-Marc Rathe

    When developing content and communication strategies in healthcare, we mine for insights into audience behaviours – identifying what HCPs or patients think and how they act; but there is a real need to go deeper and understand WHY they behave the way they do.

    Jean-Marc Rathe
    Client Partner

  • Natalie Hoegen

    We have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to advance a conversation around equity and inclusion to create a better understanding and increased awareness.

    Natalie Hoegen
    Client Partner

  • Gemma McCarthy

    Tackling the situation in rare disease requires a rare mindset and an unparalleled ability to dig deep into patient experience.

    Gemma McCarthy
    Senior Director of Strategy


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