6 December 2023

Delivering a customer experience with a human purpose

What role does emerging AI play, in creating content in healthcare? Author: Jean-Marc Rathe, Client Partner To deliver a meaningful customer experience, the foremost objective is to ensure a personal  connection between your audience and the story you’re communicating. Understanding your audience’s current needs, beliefs and […]
22 November 2023

The shift from product to customer experience

Designing Distinction in Pharma that Transcends Clinical Value Author: Jonathan Crosby, Director of Strategy Born from the pandemic, a paradigm shift in how pharma drives differentiation is now underway seeing many companies realizing that simply offering effective medications is no longer enough to thrive in a […]
8 August 2023

The goldfish principle: making sense of persuasive communication

Google tells us that the human attention span is only eight seconds – one second less than a goldfish. Whether this is fact or click bait, it’s true that people ‘info snack’ to filter out the periphery. Author: Susan Walkley, Managing Director, PR and Creative Comms […]
12 June 2023

Patients are people: why we need their voices in healthcare comms

Listening and acting on people’s real, lived experiences of a medical condition are vital components of healthcare communications. Hear from our team on why the patient “voice” helps shape our work, and how agencies can bring together industry, health professionals and people living with conditions, to […]
23 February 2023

Rare and Orphan Diseases: Successful Communication in an Evolving World

Rare and Orphan Diseases: Successful Communication in an Evolving World Working in healthcare communications is never boring – it’s about distilling complex science wrapped in emotive storytelling, creatively delivered to ultimately make people’s lives better. We also know that now, more than ever, there is a […]
17 October 2022

A day in the life of a… healthcare comms writer

Andrew Smith I love working in healthcare communications because of the variety. Writers like me understand how cutting-edge medicines can fit into the healthcare ecosystem and how to explain it to different audiences: from patients and their loved ones, through healthcare professionals and policymakers, to payers […]
12 July 2022

Creating content to trigger behaviour change

Tasked with promoting a new product or service, a consumer marketer’s goal will be to answer an unmet need – real or imagined – for the newest tech, the latest fashion, for entertainment, speed, comfort, etc. Content is created to communicate that need – and demonstrate […]