At Havas Life Medicom, we believe in innovating the marketing funnel by leveraging the power of nudge in healthcare communications.*


With the explosion of social media and immersive digital technologies, ‘nudge’ is now a powerful force in the communication ecosystem.

Nudge communications connects attention grabbing storytelling with persuasive content and advocacy campaigning. Taking ‘nudge theory’ one step further, it is a valuable integrated approach to creating a tipping point and converting people towards a desired action.

Through our NUDGE BUREAU, our team of PR thinkers, shapers and doers connects news outreach + digi & social content experiences + 3rd-party community engagement – across earned, paid and owned channels.

In this way can actively engage with key audiences and build a receptive environment.

Our award-winning campaigns speak for themselves. We have successfully nudged patients to speak to their doctor, connected key stakeholders in rare diseases, and got people talking about overlooked medical conditions.

*and also in the power of kittens.



First suggested by Thaler and Sunstein1 in 2008, nudge theory, is a well-accepted concept in behavioural economics. It recognises that human beings often act irrationally.

This is because our brain often operates on autopilot especially when we attempt to make sense of and simplify the busy world around us. However, biased thinking can take over and we are vulnerable to making flawed decisions that can take us down a less desirable path.

Put simply, ‘nudges’ are often small physical planned interventions that act on both subconscious and rational decision-making. Increasingly we are responding to virtual nudges in the content we consume.

The goal is to help people make better choices.

All of us encounter nudges every day. They guide how we drive, influence how we shop and can even help us recycle more. In healthcare, policymakers encourage healthy behaviours by using planned nudges in public health campaigning.




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